vidicomAbout vidicom

Simply brilliant and brilliantly simple.

That's the motto of vidicom, the reason being that the software packets designed by specialists to handle the newest computer-based product visualisations are easy to use and maintain. When developing our solutions, customer-specific requirements are always our primary concern.

As such, you may rest assured that your products are always being presented in the best light possible, from the time of sales processing up to and including on-site promotional presentations.

But, that's not all vidicom has to offer. We also offer flawless data management, covering everything from data maintenance and hosting to the production and professional shipping of data carriers.

Your benefits

  • Customer-specific solutions
  • Easy to use
  • Capable of being integrated easily into existing systems
  • Promotional product visualisations
  • Extensive integration of article data, technical data, handbooks and settings
  • Flawless data management
  • Perfect hosting in collaboration with Microsoft Azure
  • Data carrier production
  • Competent hotline and support services

TCA Partner